Port Loring Weather For The Week

Cloudy periods. Low minus 5.
Cloudy. Periods of rain beginning in the afternoon. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h in the morning. High 6. UV index 3 or moderate.
Wednesday night
Periods of rain ending overnight then cloudy with 60 percent chance of drizzle. Wind southeast 20 km/h. Low plus 3.
Cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. High 9.
Sunny. Low minus 1. High 10.
A mix of sun and cloud. Low minus 2. High 9.
Periods of snow. Low minus 4. High plus 1.
A mix of sun and cloud. Low minus 9. High plus 3.

Dogs Poisoned

Kind of makes a fellow wonder what is good out there to eat these days huh? Or should say what is safe to eat and now it seems even our pets have to take notice.  My Opinion Only

Port Perry pups poisoned

World’s Financial System

Nope I haven’t forgotten about my opinion page, just been busy and not much going on here in our country. But, here goes.

Darn give a man a bit of power and look what he thinks he can do.  Isn’t enough that folks have to pay to keep the big banks afloat, but this guy wants everything and everyone out of the way too.  My Opinion Only

Take A Look at this articleL  President Obama sought yesterday to deflect criticism of the way his Administration had handled the bailout of stricken institutions such as AIG by pushing for new powers to take over and — if necessary — close down firms that threaten to topple the world’s financial system. If folks let him get away with this and keep up with what he is doing, soon won’t be much left in the way of being a free country.  My way of looking at things.

How To Dry Corn Right From The Cob

Easy to make and easy to store.

12 Ears White corn in milky stage

Scrape corn with sharp knife three times. First scrape corn just to break off kernals. Second scrape remainder of corn halfway. Third scrape off rest of kernels off cob. Then use potato masher and mash all kernels until milk comes out, Take loaf pan which is about 1 1/2″ deep, grease and put in all corn that has been mashed and bake in oven until all kernels are golden brown. Use low heat and bake approximately 45 minutes. When kernels are brown, let cool for about 15 minutes; then cut up and store.

Cattail Flour

For those that would like to try something different.

Cattail Flour

Dry the peeled roots (peel roots while they are wet–they are
difficult to peel if allowed to dry). Chop roots into small pieces,
and then grind or pulverize them. When the long fibers are removed,
the resultant powder can be used as flour.

An old recipe from Grandma Walters Cook Book. Pretty tasty too.

Garlic To The Rescue

Take a look at this article.  I am inclined to agree with it to a point, as I think everyone should be eating and using garlic at least once every two days.  Keeps us healthy and protects us from all kinds of diseases.  So………..jut one more reason to grow your own. Oh’ and don’t buy the kind grown off shore if at all possible as their regulations for growing things isn’t good in my eyes and one just doesn’t know what is in it.  Best thing to do is grow your own. My Opinion Only

It takes prescription antibiotics to breed super bugs, and many U.S.
doctors are more than happy to keep on prescribing — even when patients
don’t need the drugs. But when infections become resistant to even the
most “powerful” antibiotics on the menu, where should you turn? To
nature, of course, where the humble garlic plant offers solutions that
even the most overhyped pharmaceutical labs can’t match. Garlic kills
superbugs, even when antibiotics fail. So why don’t U.S. doctors
prescribe garlic? Because drug companies don’t promote garlic. It’s
simply not profitable. You see, in practice, good science gets tossed
out the window. Using garlic to heal patients is good science and good
medicine. But most M.D.s are hardly willing to touch it. Even the news
about this comes from outside the USA

Antibacterial Pencils

A lot of folks think that this antibacterial products sham has gone way too far. Yesterday I heard of a fellow that was shopping at Office Depot, and guess what he found? Antibacterial pencils. Can you believe that? He found some mechanical pencils made by PaperMate that have an antibacterial coating. Unbelievable.

We’ve seen antibacterial hand soaps and dish soaps, shampoos and all kinds of other personal care and cleaning products. And we’ve seen all the bad news about this, as well, including the fact that they are completely and utterly useless at actually protecting people from germs, viruses or contagious disease. These chemicals basically create super bugs in your own kitchen. They actually encourage the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and they do nothing to make you healthier because we don’t live in a sanitary environment in the first place.

You know, we live with bacteria all around us. In fact, our immune system needs to be stimulated by some exposure to bacteria in order to be healthy enough to defend ourselves against those really aggressive ones that might make us sick. We  have to have bacteria in our environment if we want to be healthy.Is it to late to fix? Well guess it depends on how far we let it get of hand in the future.

My Opinion Only

Spreading Bacteria

Kind of makes a fellow think that maybe one should have listened to their old Grandmother, when it comes to staying healthy, instead of all these things they got today. My opinion only.

First came word that popular antibacterial hand soaps are not only unnecessary (old fashioned soap and water is the best way to keep germs from spreading) but the chemicals in them can harm your health and environment. Now a new study says instead of killing potentially dangerous infections, disinfectant wipes may actually spread drug-resistant and sometimes deadly bacteria. And, like antibiotics, antibacterial chemicals in wipes and other household products may kill off susceptible but harmless bacteria but promote the growth of resistant strains.