Hydro Bills Here In Ontario

Hmm got my Hydro bill today and as usual was up a touch.    So reading further seen they are giving us a ten percent discount for the next five years.  Now in saying that in one breath, a bit further down the page they say they will be raising the delivery cost of which works out to, yes you guessed it 10% so……………………in other words you don’t save one cent.  Oh and also going to back date it and charge us for a few months previous.     I gotta’ tell you, for what we pay in hydro here in this province folks should be in an uproar, but are they?  Na…… they just sit back and say nothing.  Another thing is that the Powers That Be want to build more nuclear reactors here in Ontario to produce more hydro.  Now think about this for a moment.  Last New years the Dalton gang as I like to call them, had to give away and in some cases pay Quebec and the US to take our hydro  as they don’t have the facilities to store it.  Now in my mind what they should be doing is giving us that live here in Ontario a price reduction of hydro, oh say of around 50%.  That would make more sense to me and also, look at the  new business’s that would move into our province.  Will this happen?  Of course not.    Also think about this.  They have more hydro now than they need and still want to build these new nuclear plants.  Crazy thinking in my mind, along with bring on more danger to our country as nuclear isn’t a nice thing.    Also our new wind power generating stations will be coming on line soon with more power.   What are they going to do with that.  Sell it to the US, give it to Quebec for free?  Hard to tell, but let me tell you this, I am sure tired of being taken to the cleaners and you should be too.   My Opinion Only.

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