Fishing Buddy Wanted For 2011??????

You know with a few health problems on ones mind it sort of gets a fellows mind to thinking.  Thinking of what lies ahead and what one should or would like to be doing in life.  For myself I bought a good used cedar strip boat last spring, fixed it up and gotta’ tell ya it looks like brand new. Had folks come for miles around just to look at it.  Not that it was worthy of folks making the trip but it is amazing how many did stop by to see the old girl.  Old Girl?  Yep named it Jennie as years ago I had a horse named Jennie and my wife figured it was just the name for my boat. So one day last summer she painted it on both sides.  Looks good too.   Now when ever I look at the boat fond memories are brought to light instantly.    But that is not what I am really trying to portrait here this morning, what I want to say or should, or ask, is if there happens to be a feller that loves to fish, would like to go out once or twice a week and has time to sit back and enjoy life, well……….let me know.   I guess you could say this article is asking for a good old fishing buddy.  I told my wife I would make a deal with who ever decided to take on such a task that they bring the bait and I will supply the boat, motor and fuel.  I don’t think one could find a better deal anywhere, don’t ya think?    Any ways if you feel you would like to get away from all your worries and bring some nature into your life, give me a call or send me an Email so we can discuss this new adventure we are about to take on in life.  I know a lot of good fishing holes just waiting to be had but in saying that I am still open for more.   1 705 757 1640 or [email protected]     I live in Port Loring Ontario surrounded by lakes and nature at its best, about an hour away from North Bay or surrounding towns.   Why am I doing this?  Well lets just say I am in the need of a good friend that likes the things I like, has a few good stories to share and loves fishing.  My wife is in agreement so, hey, lets go fishing.

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