EPA Raises limits for radiation Canada turns off fallout detectors

Here is an itnteresting article for those that have some concerns over what is  happening in Japan.  Should open your eyes to what is happening here and in the USA, as to how they are making this whole thing in Japan take on a look of not being so bad.  I have said for years, that North America is the only countries in the world that feels it is safe to put millions of tons of poisons in our food, land and water each and every year. Meaning pesticides on our crops, antibiotics and hormones in our cattle and chickens, and treating out sick with drugs that would make anyone cringe if they really  knew what they were made of, along with treating more of our sick with radiation,chemotherapy well just to darn many things to name.  And these are all safe for humans to eat too, in moderation of course.  Are seeing what I am saying here??? My opinion only.

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