Onion Sets & Spinach

Well first really warm day here in Port Loring, cloudy with some rain now at 1:00 PM but that’s ok, as the rain will bring all the frost out of the ground and get things back to normal.  This morning I got to planting my spinach, one row about fifteen feet long. Nothing better in my eyes than fresh spinach salads come spring.  Should be eating it in three to four weeks,  I pick it early as it is more tender.  I also put in about a 100 onion sets so they will be tasty also in a few weeks.   Seems early I know but spinach loves it cool, you can even plant it in the fall like you do your garlic and it will be seen growing soon as the snow melts.  Nothing could be easier and nothing could be more healthy for you.   Have a great day.

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