News For Port Loring Ontario Thursday, November 10 2011

News for Port Loring

There will be a Remembrance Day Service at the Legion on the 11th of November starting at 10:50 AM and a lunch to follow at noon. Then on the 14th if you feel up to a good bowl of chilli, they are having a meal starting at 11:30 AM. All proceeds going to support the Legion Branch. Sounds good to me as I love chilli. Also don’t forget, Meat Pies are being made at the Legion every Thursday, so if you would like some stop by and reserve yours. For those that are in need of some foot care, Neil Julian will be having a Foot Clinic set up at the Legion on November 17th. Call for an appointment 705-757-2516

Should also mention here, that the Legion Bar hours begin on the week of November 21st. Open Thursday from 2 PM, Friday from 1 PM, Saturday from 12 Noon. Open all other days for events. Everyone is welcome at the Port Loring, Legion Branch 415, Phone number 705 757 2330. So why not drop by, have a meal or two, order a few meat pies, have a drink or two, not to many though, as they are watching folks pretty good this season, with ride programs set up all over. Moderation folks and common sense, is what is needed. Have a great day.

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