Weather, News & Hunting Times For Port Loring Ontario Wednesday, November 30 2011

Good Morning.   Well looks like old man winter is here for us here in Port Loring.   Woke up to around six inches or better of snow this morning and still coming down hard.    Hope my old snow blower starts up haven’t had it running for over a year now as kind of think I am going to be needing it. Today it will be cloudy and breezy with snow easing off as the day goes by, we will see another inch or two before it stops though.  The barometer is falling an at the moment sitting at 28:70 in Hg. Winds are from the North West coming in at around 14 MPH with gusts even higher.  Temperatures will hover around 30°F and then drop tonight to a cold 18°F.  For those that want to take on the weather today and do some hunting the old weather stick says the best times to be out there will be from 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM.  The moon will rise today at 11:45 AM and will set at 10:41 PM.
It will be Overhead at 5:10 PM & underfoot at 4:47 AM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 33% percent waxing crescent 33%  Waxing  Crescent.

The sun woke this morning at 7:38 AM and will set at 4:35 PM, giving us 8 hrs. 57 minutes of daylight today.

News For Port Loring & District

Nothing much to report other than lots of snow.  Not many cars or trucks moving around out there that’s for sure. Haven’t seen one go by our house here on Highway 522 all morning.  Even the snow plow today is having a hard time in making an appearance.  The snow is heavy though with lots of ice under it.  So taking all them things into consideration folks, best if at all possible to curl up with a good book today and stay home.  That’s what my lovely wife and I are going to do.  For myself the first snow fall is the nicest and from any window in our home the view is fantastic.  Nature can be beautiful my friends, if one allows it to enter our minds of what it wants us to see.  Have a great day.



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