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Good morning and Happy New Years to ya all.  Well not as cool here in Port Loring waking up.  So will save a bit on the firewood today.  Today will be cloudy with a flurry or two and then if temperatures keep rising like they have been we will see some rain later on this afternoon.  Daytime temperature is going to reach 35 °f and then drop to 24 °f tonight. Barometer has started to fall and is sitting at 28.26 in Hg. 

Moon Data
Rise: 11:43 AM
Set: 12:40 AM
Overhead: 6:38 PM
Underfoot: 6:17 AM

Moon Phase
Solunar Table Moon Phase is 50% percent first quarter

The sun got out of bed this morning at  8:00 AM and will set at 4:44 PM, giving us 8 hrs. 44 mins of daylight to start of the New Year.

News For Port Loring

Still quiet around town, see  a few folks heading off to their favorite church this morning being Sunday.  For my wife and I we take each day as it comes to us and treat it no different than any other.  With nature all around us what more could a fellow or gal ask for.  New years resolutions are being made today in hopes to better ones self, but there again my wife and I let things lie where they want.  Old saying is that you can make plans for the future, just don’t plan the results.  I like that one and has worked for us for many a years.  I also like another one, not a saying really, but words of wisdom my old Dad told me many years ago. “George,  If your unsure of what to do in life pertaining to a certain item, do the research, then ask as many folks as you can of how they think on the subject, then if say, 80 % like it one way, you then take the other.  Reason being that 80% of the world is wrong in their thinking.”  You know for four generations our family has used them words or most of us and the ones that has looking at them today, are pretty well off.  Maybe not with a lot of money, but well off enough with their meaning of life, food on the table, a warm home and values that are in abundance.    Have a great day my friends and “Happy New Years to ya.”


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