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Good Morning.  Well not a bad morning out there.  Woke up to temperatures of 8 Degrees f.  Sun is shining so great lookin’ day lies ahead.  Temperature is going to reach 26 °f through out the day and then drop to 7 °f later on this evening.  Winds are from the North this morning and calm.  Barometer is rising and at the moment sitting at 30.59 in Hg.  Highway 522 is pretty well bare, might be a few spots one should take care with.  The moon will rise at 9:44 AM and then Set at 12:16 AM.  It will be overhead at 5:27 PM & underfoot at 5:03 AM. Moon Phase today is  Solunar Table Moon Phase is 37% percent waxing crescent  37%  Waxing  Crescent.  The sun rose this morning at 7:00 AM and will set at 6:03 PM, giving us here in Port Loring 11 hrs. 03 mins. of daylight.  For the folks that is heading out  ice fishing today the old weather stick says the best times will be from      9:00 AM till 11:00 AM.

News For Port Loring

Quiet.  Actually it is quite peaceful, folks are sittin’ back and taking life easy.  Can’t say I blame them neither, as won’t be long before the busy season.   Lookin’ forward to them warmer temperatures though.  I have noticed this year that we have had a lot more snow mobiles enjoying the trails around our home.  The Shell station in town is busy as all get out, pumping gas and on the weekends if going by, you will see an endless row of machines waiting to be filled with fuel.  Good to see them out and about,  as means folks aren’t staying cooped up in their homes and out doing what they enjoy.  Last year there wasn’t as many, thinking the media had folks minds messed up, thinking things were so bad out there financially wise that they stayed home.  Not a good thing and folks have to rely on their own way of thinking and doing things and not be swayed by others.  My way of lookin at things.  Well tea time here so you all have a great day.

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