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Good morning/  Well was out of town yesterday so didn’t get to adding the weather and things.   Sun is shining this morning with temperature reaching 52°f today.  Tonight it will drop a bit to 36°.  Nice weather all week in the hight fifties with lots of sunshine.  Barometer today this morning is sitting at 21.68 in Hg.  and rising.  Good sign.  Winds are from the West and will turn southerly as the day goes by.  They are coming in at around 3 MPH. I told folks to get them ice huts in off the ice a couple days ago and some didn’t listen and I see today in the paper of around twenty seven people stranded on ice that broke up on Lake Nipissing and had to be rescued.     Ice Fishing is done up here for the year through my eyes, as one shouldn’t be out on the ice with temperatures reaching fifty with sunshine., my opinion to risky.  I  The moon will rise at 11:59 PM and then set at 8:57 AM.  It will be overhead at 3:55 AM & underfoot at 4:24 PM. The sun woke this morning at 7:38 AM and will set at 7:20 PM, giving us here in Port Loring 11 hrs. 42 mins. of daylight. Highway 522 is bare and dry for most parts.

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Ice fishing huts should be off the lakes as soon as possible.   A bit of rain tomorrow an then sunshine all week with temperatures in the fifties.  Also for those that do up some maple syrup, this is the week to get them trees tapped.  Going to do mine today.  Cold nights and sunny days it should be flowing quite well all week.  Went to town yesterday and did a bit of shopping with my son, an visited him for a couple days.  Have say the stores were just a buzzing with folks out and about, in spite of all the snow they had there.  While I was in CTC picking up some antifreeze for my radiator to top it up, we had over four inches come down.  After that the roads were major slippery.  But folks were on their best behavior and not too many accidents.  Stores are busy with folks buying. Restaurants are packed with folks enjoying an meal away from home.  My son actually took us to Casey’s and I have to tell you, if you haven’t been there give them a try.  My most favorite, is there trio, Turkey club with salad and red pepper soup.  I have never tasted any better and prices are very good.  Well tea time here and then I will get outside and get to enjoying some of that sunshine that is showing itself.  Something folks should know.  Most folks today are so worried about high cholesterol taking drugs of all kinds to lower it.  Thing they don’t tell ya is this. If one would get out in the sunshine there would be no such thing as high cholesterol.  Folks seem to think that the sunshine is Vitamin D, well in one way it is, but in reality what the sun does, it changes the cholesterol to vitamin D, and other good things. Then the cholesterol in your bloodstream  migrates to the surface of the skin, to replace the cholesterol that was converted to D and other good things.  There the sun in simple terms, just sucks up the Cholesterol from your skin.  So if every one got the sunshine needed, there would be no such thing as high cholesterol.  Amazing huh?  And folks take pill after pill after pill.  Do the research my friends and don’t be fooled, no one knows your body better than you do.    My Opinion Only.   Have a great day.

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