In The News Today

Another item that gets me going, one of many these days it seems, is what is reported in the news here in Canada, or the USA for that matter.  When one opens a paper today or searches on the Net relating to news what do they see?  What they see is what is happening in other countries other than ours.  Oh a few things pop up now and then like our weather, or some things on politics, but hardly ever do we see what is happening right here in our own country.  For myself I couldn’t care less what is happening in other countries and if truth be known I believe we should stay out of others affairs and let them fend for themselves.    All this help to other countries in my eyes doesn’t really help, it makes things worse as the more we do the more they become dependant on others instead of themselves.  Like us here in this country, soon as one gets the sniffles today they run out and get the flu shot or see a doctor not realizing for one minute that they could treat themselves quite easily.  Folks don’t seem to realize that no doctor in the world knows your body better than you do. Not only do we let others sway our minds with our health we also do it with thousand of other things. What a shame.  I know…I guess it is easier to let others do things for you but……it isn’t what is good for you let me tell ya.  Have a good day, and as usual, my opinion only.   GW