What’s Happening Here In Port Loring, Ontario, Canada

Morning.  Well to start things off this morning it is somewhat cloudy, but the sun is showing herself, off and on.  Clouds will amber off in a bit.  Temperatures this morning are sitting at…13.5 C | 56.3 F.  It will warm up to 22 C / 73 F a bit later with plenty of sunshine.  Forecast taken from our very own weather station here in Port Loring is calling for it to be...Showery early, improving as the day progresses.  For all the data relating to our weather, please visit our main page.  You can get to it by clicking the following link…http://www.loringlsb.ca/weather-station/

When arriving at the weather stations main page, you can click on any graph, which will then open to a really nicely displayed graph. Not saying the first ones aren’t accurate, as they are, just we have improved some things. There you can now run your mouse over that graph and can find hourly, monthly and yearly data pertaining to our weather, with pin point accuracy.  Our weather station here in Port Loring is every bit as accurate as the Government Weather Stations and in some  instances even more informative.  Reason being the other weather stations are predicting weather from a long ways off, where as ours is taking readings from right here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada.  It is a well thought out station, with Karl Walters adding and improving things on the site every day.  We are very lucky to have him amongst us, as it takes a technologist of some pretty high expertise, to make things work and keep them working.  All our sensors are made in the USA & Canada, not off shore.  Data Loggers, Antennas and other items are made in Guelph Ontario,  Costly yes, but for precise accuracy, it is what is needed,,,along with constant attention.  More sensors will be added as funding becomes available.

Bug Report;  Black Flies are making a nuisance of themselves with the mosquitoes following not to far behind.  One gets away from the black flies by going inside a building or shelter but when it comes to the mosquitoes they are everywhere.  Even in ones bedroom at night if you leave that outside door open to long when entering.  Nothing worse, than trying to sleep, while hearing that buzzing around ones ears.  Joys of living in the north they say.  Hmm.

Fishing Times:  For those wanting to do some fishing and wanting to know the time to catch them, the old weather stick along with Grandfathers formula, is saying that the best time to be out there will be from; 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM.  Again a bit later from 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM.  Then once again even later from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM.  I give it a 4 Fish Rating out of 4 for catching them today.  One great day for catching them to say the least.  These days don’t come long too often.

News Around Town:  Not to much to report.  Lots of folks planting their gardens with the threat of frost behind us.  Being so cool one would think it would have put us a bit behind this year, but in reality it hasn’t.  Gardens still could have been planted one week before the 24th of May. Same as last year.  I still got some things to get in the ground myself, so thinking I had better get to it before it is to late.  Certain things have to be done at certain times, if one wants to eat healthy come fall.   So my friends, get outside, get some dirt on your skin along with sunshine and your on your way to a healthy summer.    No Doctors needed.  Also now you can leave a Comment on the Blog if you so choose, a new added feature. Just click the,  Leave A Reply at the bottom of the Article of your choice.  Or there is a cloud at the top of each article either one works.  All comments are monitored to stop spam.   GW.

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