What’s Happening In and Around Port Loring, Ontario, Canada.

Morning.  Well had a touch of rain early this morning.  Sun is trying to show herself and will a bit later on in the day.

Temperatures: this morning are sitting at…8.6 C | 47.48 F.

Forecast Today: Rather unsettled clearing later.

Bug Report: Well rain and cooler weather slowed them down from biting a touch, for the last couple days, but they will be out in earnest once the sun starts to shine.  Some say the mosquitoes are quite bad where they live, some say they aren’t half as bad as they were last year.  So thinking it is where one resides that makes the difference.  Here where we live they aren’t too bad at all thus far.  Blackflies are irritable for my wife, but for me they are more of a annoyance than anything else, getting into ones eyes, nose, ears and up the pant legs.  They don’t really bite me.  I have seen folks that come into our store chewed up something fierce though.  I tell them to chew up a piece of plantain and administer it to the bite, which will take away any infection, along with stopping the itch within a minute or two.  Just one more tip that will be in my upcoming health book using nothing but Mother Nature to heal yourself.

Fishing Report:  Well after taking a look at the old weather stick and putting my Grandfathers formula together along side it, it shows that the best times to be out there today, will be from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM.   Then once again from 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM.  I give it a 2 fish rating out of 4 for catching them.  Good luck!

Around Town:  Still quiet for most parts.  The Hardware stores are starting to gear up with folks coming in to purchase things.  Lots of repair work that needs to be done after the long winter we have had I suspect.  Others would be? I was talking to Kerry at Booth’s Service Centre and he said he had lots of work on hand which is what is expected when one does good work.  Also Mike down here at the old Shell station is busy, especially this time of year as he stores folks boats wintering them, along with getting them ready to go back into the water come spring. In-between he fixes all kinds of small engines.  Busy fellow to say the least.  My other friend at Arnstein Garage is also busy and very nice to deal with and does great work. With him and Ace Hardware being the only ones that has gas now in our area, I am surmising that they both will be doing a booming business this coming season.  Also don’t forget to drop by Rupert’s Variety Store while In Arnstein as there is no better place to get a few groceries, along with all kinds of other items of choice. Nice folks to deal with too.   There you have it, some great places to shop and get your items of choice fixed.  I will add to the list of places to shop or visit as time goes by as there is plenty more.  So guess that is about it for this morning.  Hope you all have a great day and if possible try and get outside and breath in some of this fresh northern air, that we have in abundance, all for free.   No Doctors Needed.  GW

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