Port Loring Ontario, Canada

Good morning.  Well not too bad of a day out there so far this morning.  Signs are pointing though towards some showers or a thunderstorm later on today.  Temperatures this morning waking up are sitting at…12.8 C | 55.04 F.  Will warm up in a bit.

Forecast:  Rain at frequent intervals.

Bug Report:  Blackflies are pretty much all gone.  Mosquitoes are around though pestering folks somewhat.  But not too bad so far in certain areas.  Did see a deer fly or two yesterday.  They also are an annoyance to those out in the bush, as they don’t leave you alone.  They will even follow you for a mile if they so choose.  Hard to get away from them once they have you in their sights.  Also got quite a bite on them too.  For me they are the worst, more so than the mosquitoes or the blackflies. But one has to put up with these creatures of nature if he or she chooses to live, in this neck of the woods.

Fishing Corner:  Looking at the old weather stick and putting together the formula that has been handed down in our family for many years, it is saying that the best time to be out there will be from 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM, then once again from1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.  I give it a 3 fish rating out of 4 for catching them, both times today.  Should be a great day for bringing them in.  Good Luck!

Information Around Town.  Business wise not to much tor report here this morning.  Most folks around here on Sunday take things easy.  Some goes to their place of worship, others just enjoy nature as their guide to happiness.  Seems fitting to me.  I finished up yesterday planting my gardens with vegetables of choice.  I like to put some things in early and then some later on so we have a constant supply of greens throughout the growing season.  We have already started eating from our herb garden, along with our romaine lettuce and kale.  Nothing more healthy than fresh veggies straight from the garden to your plate.  Put them along side a good long walk, soaking up some sunshine and a bit of deep breathing, bringing in our fresh northern air and you got one healthy body.  No Doctors Needed.  Enjoy your day my friends.

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