Our Bees

This is an article I wrote awhile back and in the news today, they are finding out that maybe my diagnosis might be right.  Will they do anything about it?  Hard to say.  Some pretty high up companies have a lot to loose if they do. Truth is…we shouldn’t be dictated to by huge corporations.

When you are sick,  you can’t think quickly and clearly? If a bee gets sick and can’t think probably, it will not be able to return to its beehive. Now think on this, insecticide Bt is incorporated into many genetically modified crops and Bt does and can cause major sickness to a wide range of creatures in nature. Bees only carry enough honey with them to fly directly to the target flowers and straight back to the beehive. The trip to and from those flowers is extremely complex and so requires the bee to have a very good memory. Since learning and memory are impaired in bees that have an immune response, bees with an immune response get lost, run out of honey fuel, fall to the ground and are then are carried away by ants. Thus, if a bee gets lost, for even a few minutes, it is dead.  Even if it does not kill the bees it makes them disorientated unable to find their way back home to their hive, in turn they die or get sick, which is what is happening now around the world. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”  One also has to remember that other things come into play also like Cell phones, electrical wires  also disorientate the bees the biggest culprit is the GM crops which eventually in my eyes and if these big corporations, and pharmaceutical companies are allowed to continue with what they are doing, that all living creatures on earth will perish.  Sounds harsh…well as I see it, if we all don’t stand up to this, and do our part in saying we don’t want GM Food and put a stop to it, we will perish.  My Opinion Only

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