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Good Morning:   Well a bit cool this morning with more rain in the making.  Temperatures waking up were sitting at…13.5 C | 56.3 .

Forecast For Today: Stormy, much rain.  Things will steadily improve though starting tomorrow.  Although it will be quite cool for the remainder of today and in to tomorrow.  After that though things are looking good.

Bug Report:   Hardly a one interfering with us humans.  Cold windy weather is holding them at bay.  OK by me too.

Fishing Times: Today the old weather stick is saying that the best times to be out there will be from 6:30 AM – 10:30 AM.  Then once again later on towards evening from: 4:00 PM – 7:30 PM.  I give it a 1 fish rating out of 4. Not the greatest as our weather pattern is messing things up some.  But in saying that, the fishing in our area has never been so good. This year has been exceptional for catching, Pike, Pickerel and Large Mouth Bass.  I haven’t heard of one person that hasn’t caught their limit.  Reason being the water has stayed cool this year, which entices the fish to feed more often.  Also makes them frisky which makes for lots of action bringing them in.  Good luck.

Around Town:   Today is Market Day here in Port Loring.  I am thinking it would be in ones best interest to drop by and see what they have to offer.  Being that the Market is covered, rain isn’t a factor and what better place to take in on days like this. Might pay to bring along a jacket of sort.  Also don’t forget our other gift shops and stores here in Port Loring.  They also rely on you folks to stay afloat, so to speak.  Most put a lot of time, work and effort into their products, so that you have the best to choose from.  Also remember this.  When and where ever possible, try and buy Canadian Made Products.  After all…this is Canada.  Enjoy your day my friends.  Click Flyer Below for all the details relating to the Farmers Market.  Also if your in the area drop by our small store, you can click that flyer below also for information on how to get to us and a few items we have to offer.  All made right here in Canada.







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