Information For Port Loring May 14/2016

Good Morning:  Rainy day here in Port Loring Ontario Canada. But much-needed as it has been quite dry. Will do the gardens a world of good. I did manage to get my gardens tilled up a few days ago so the earth could breathe a bit before planting. Next week will pick up a few plants of choice and plant them in their new home. Nothing is better than fresh produce grown in ones own garden. Today you just never know what you are truly getting in the grocery stores. Enjoy your day.

Weather Forecast: Waking up temperatures were sitting at 6.3 C | 43.34 F. Today  it will be Stormy, much rain and colder.    Weather Station Home:

Rain Accumulations:  We had around 6 mm of rain overnight and into this morning.

Bug Report: Black Flies are now with us but mosquitoes are still not bothering us, yet. But that will soon change.

Fishing Report:  Today the old weather stick is saying that the best times to be out there will be from 7:24 AM – 10:24 AM. Then a bit later from 12:44 PM – 2:44 PM. I give it a 3 fish rating out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck & Don’t Forget Your Rain-Coat!

Highway Report:  Highway 522 is bare and wet  Traveling will still be good. Might be a good day to head off to town to pickup your items of choice.

Body Pain Related To Weather: Today the weather will be a high risk of bothering us humans. Easy does it today.

Todays Currency:

USA 1.2938541052

Canada 0.7728846676

Moonrise: 1:45 PM Moonset: 3:07 AM

Sunrise: 5:48 AM Sunset: 8:45 PM

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