Cold Morning

Well getting out of bed temperatures were sitting at -26.5 C | -15.7 F I have to say we sure have been having our share of cold weather. Some say. Hey! it’s winter time and you live here in the North. I say Hey! your right, but I don’t have to like it. Oh well warmer weather isn’t that far off. We are now heading off into February which is a short month. On another note my lovely wife and I have a lot of friends in Florida and they all have informed us that it hasn’t been that warm down there this winter thus far. So being that we were unable to go this year I don’t feel so bad. Well I had better go. I have to clean my driveway sometime today as I didn’t get to it yesterday with it being so windy and snowy. I did have a friend with his backhoe clean the end of my driveway out this morning, as there was a huge chunk of ice blocking a portion of it. That will make things much easier for me. Good to have friends in the right places. Have a great day and stay warm. GW

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