Good Morning Port Loring

Another cold morning looking outside. Temperatures were sitting at -22.2 C | -7.96 F We should see lots of sunshine today and temperatures will be warming up some. With today being the last day of February spring isn’t that far off. I suspect though it will take some kind of special weather to melt all this snow. Highway 522 is mostly snow covered with icy sections throughout. So care should be taken if out and about. Myself I am staying in where it is warm doing some work here at my computer. I like to get these things caught up so when the warm weather comes I can be outside. With that I am going to enjoy a nice breakfast with my lovely wife. Have a great day! GW

Oh, I should mention that research has shown that we don’t have to be as concerned about the cholesterol in food—that the link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol isn’t as clear-cut as we thought. We should be more concerned about trans fats and saturated fats and the biggie SUGAR.

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