You want Quality Buy a Ford

Here is a picture of a Ford I used to own. This isn’t my car but one similar. I paid $500.00 for it back when. Lasted a good number of years and made over five trips from Beamsville Ontario to Sarasota Florida. I had it painted down there in a Metallic Green. She was a beauty. GW



Potato & Onions

Here is a potato and onion bin I made for another customer. I have made hundreds over the years. Most are made from white knotty pine with keeping the lid clear so paintings can be done. Of course my lovely wife does all the painting. GW


Here is another project I did awhile back. I made 4 of these and all sold within a week. I have to admit they turned out nice. They are made out of White Birch from a tree that came down in my yard after a storm. GW

White Birch Lamps

Morning In Port Loring

Brrrrr! Another cold morning here. Getting out of bed the weather station was saying -18.8 C | -1.84 F But not as cold as yesterday, so things are moving in the right direction. The long range forecast is looking good at the moment, with temperatures all next week hovering around the melting point. So I would think we will be getting rid of some of this snow. Traveling should be pretty good today as Highway 522 is bare and dry throughout. I know this for a fact as my lovely wife and I took a trip to North Bay yesterday to pick up supplies. Actually we had a great day with the sunshine staying with us for most the day. We also went for lunch with our son Karl and had a nice meal at Casey’s. It’s always nice to see our son. What was on the menu? Club Trio, which is. “Half a classic club sandwich paired with roasted red pepper soup and side Caesar salad.” All for the price of $14.00 which I figure is a fair price. Especially since our son paid for ours. The sandwich was delicious as was the salad, and the red pepper soup was a real treat. I would highly recommend it, It makes a great lunch. So with that I am off to have my breakfast. A half a Florida Grapefruit to start things off, then bacon, and eggs easy over with a piece of toast. And while we eat, a game of crib, as my wife skunked me two games in a row the last time we played, so I need to get even. Have a great day!

Hmm, Good!!! Makes me want to go for another trip to North Bay.