Port Loring Ontario Canada, Good Morning

Kind of cloudy day waking up. Temperatures this morning are -1.6 C | 29.12 F It will warm up even more as the day progresses. Highway 522 is snow covered this morning as we did have an inch of snow through the night. But not enough to warrant me cleaning the driveway again today. Traveling will be good once things warm up a touch. On another note the power was out most of the day yesterday coming back on around 4:00 PM. On the downside of things with all the flickering with the power going off and on it burned out my control panel on my stove, I think. So now we have to get that repaired. The next time I will flip the circuit breaker off for the stove as soon as the power goes out, just in case. Live and learn. So with that I am off for my breakfast and a cup of coffee. They say every morning starts a new page in a persons’ life. Which is true, so knowing that, we will see what the day has planned. Have a great day. GW

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