2 thoughts on “Internet Speed For Port Loring, Ontario, Canada”

  1. The sad thing about your internet speed in Port Loring is your current provider can not do anything to improve the service over your twisted pair of copper wires…. Someday someone may offer better service off of a tower, or the only other option is to pay $$$ x 2 much for satellite service. I lived in downtown Powassan for 20 years and put up with super slow DSL…. moved to Carleton Place 2 years ago and even the cheapest cable connection has be clocking close to 60MBPS. That is with unlimited usage. I do understand your pain!

    1. Hi Jamie yes it is sad. I thought I would add it now and then just to show what it is happening. One can only hope they fix things up. It gets congested when everyone goes on line. At around 2:00 AM we have super high speed LOL. At any rate not much anyone can do other than complain now and then. Have a great day. GW

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