Good Morning Port Loring

Nice looking day here this morning. Sun is shinning, birds are chirping and things are warming up slowly. I see the crows are back from their trip south which is a sure sign spring is on the doorstep. Temperatures waking up were sitting at -2.5 C | 27.5 F They are calling for a bit of snow today along with some snow squalls in certain areas. But the good news is, things will warm up even more tomorrow, so if we do get any it won’t last long. Highway 522 is bare and dry as I type but that could change later on. I would say half of our snow has left us. I have been watching our gardens for the snow drops that we have here and there, but haven’t seen any yet. It won’t be long though, and they will be showing themselves. They are a pretty little flower that is the first to come up in the spring, even if there is snow still on the ground. My wife and I enjoy watching for them. So with that I am off to put another log in the fire and then enjoy a nice cup of fresh perked coffee with my lovely wife. Have a great day. GW

Looks good to me.

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