Good Morning Port Loring

Well a touch cool this morning. Temperatures were sitting at -3.4 C | 25.88 F It was sunny there for a bit, but at the moment it is cloudy. We are supposed to get more sunshine as the day progresses. One can only hope. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning so those that are in need of some groceries or ? Travelling should be good. Myself I don’t know what I am going to do today. Maybe I will take a day off and relax. Tomorrow the Masters Golf game starts in Augusta Georgia. My lovely wife and I never miss it, so this weekend will be all Golf. I have to say I enjoy looking at the course as much as I do the game itself. They keep it groomed immaculately. Georgia is a great state with low taxes. My kind of place to live. With that I am off to put some wood in the furnace and have my morning coffee. GW

My Most Favourite Coffee. Can’t wait till their new Coffee shop opens in North Bay.

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