Internet Speed For Port Loring, Ontario, Canada

Bell Canada Download Speed In Our Area Should Be: 5 Mbps

As of 9:00 AM April 13/2019 Our Speed Is:

Ping ms
Download Mbps

Upload Mbps

Very Slow this morning. The reason is … more people are using it being the weekend. Which proves the reason for slowness is congestion. More proof would be if you went on the Internet around 2:00 AM, your speed would be where it should be, as no one is using it. So, to fix the problem they need to do some major upgrading. After all, we are paying for it. GW

2 thoughts on “Internet Speed For Port Loring, Ontario, Canada”

  1. Just got an offer from Bell, 1Gig speed, tv all for $79.99. Nice to live where the technology goes down your street ( Carleton Place)

    1. Hey Jamie good to hear from you. Yep that is a great deal from Bell, TV, Internet and more for that price. And yes it’s nice to live where you can get good service. Ours has been terrible for years as they are still using old technology and being so small of an area they don’t feel its worth their while upgrading. Too bad. Have a great day. GW

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