Good Morning Port LOring

Cloudy morning, but we should see some sunshine off and on throughout the day. Tomorrow will be much like today. Then two days of showers. Just what we need. It still is a bit cool with temperatures sitting at 7.2 C | 44.96 F The good news is we didn’t get the frost they predicted last night. I do have my plants ready to go in but held off just in case. Today I will till up the gardens and tomorrow I will plant. After that we should be all set for some fresh veggies. On another note we did manage to get our lawn cut yesterday. It sure was long but I did manage to get around six good wheel barrows of grass cuttings which I put in the vegetable garden. It will make for some great fertilizer to get things going. That’s the good part about cutting grass. It was a chore though with all the black flies let me tell you. But it is done and looks nice. With that I am off for my morning cup of tea and a bite to eat. GW

Looks pretty tasty!

Good Morning

We all woke up to sunshine here in Port Loring Ontario this morning. I find sunshine makes the day. Temperatures were still a touch cool sitting at 11.8 C | 53.24 F We should see sunshine now till Sunday. With a possible shower on Sunday. It will stay a bit cool. Black flies and Mosquitoes are out in full force causing havoc. Will be nice when the black flies leave us. Mosquitoes though we have to put up with for the rest of the summer. Let’s hope they aren’t too bad this year. It looks like we are in for a cooler summer than we had last year which is okay with me. With that I am off for my morning coffee and some bacon and eggs and then will see about this grass that is growing leaps and bounds. There is always something to do. But I don’t mind truth be known. GW

Our Christmas Lillie is out in full bloom too, this morning.

Good morning Port Loring

Another cloudy morning waking up. But we should see some sunshine as the day moves forward. One can only hope. Temperatures were a bit cool sitting at 10.9 C | 51.62 F We still had to turn the furnace on this morning to get the house warmed up. Temperatures should warm up later on today. Black Flies are still terrible, with the Mosquitoes entering into the picture. I think it will be a bad year for them. All this rain and damp cool weather is perfect for them. Travelling should be a go today for those that would like to head off to town for some groceries and things. With that I am off for my morning coffee and will see what the day has in store. GW

Have a great day!

Good Morning

We have another rainy day here in Port Loring Ontario. Just what we need, more rain. Temperatures were cool sitting at 9.1 C | 48.38 F A touch cool. Actually we have had to have the oil furnace burning every morning so far to warm up the house, so we are comfortable. Amazing, still heating coming into June. So much for global warming. Travelling today won’t be the greatest. Tomorrow is a better day for that, as we should see some warmer temperatures along with some sunshine. But today we will have to put up with rain. On another note I did get all my firewood piled where it is nice and dry and it can dry even more throughout the summer, which in turn will make for some good burning this winter. Black flies are still terrible out there, it’s hard to do anything without a bug jacket. Today I am going to take it easy. Just because I can. With that I am going to have a cup of coffee and will then see what the day has in store. GW

Pretty tasty. Great way to start the day.

Good Morning Port Loring

Cloudy morning here waking up. A bit cool too, with temperatures sitting at 9.4 C | 48.92 F Today we it will be mostly cloudy. Tomorrow we will much like today, but we could see some sunshine. Then back to rain on Wednesday. After that things are looking pretty good. Black Flies are terrible out there let me tell you. It would be almost impossible to work out there for any length of time without a bug jacket. My lovely wife and I did manage to pile some more firewood yesterday. We have 80% in out of the weather drying. Should finish it today. With that I am off for my breakfast and a cup of tea and will see what the day has in store. GW

Blood Sucking Parasites.

Good Morning

We all woke up to sunshine here in Port Loring. We had our share of not so good weather this spring that’s for sure. Today and tomorrow should be nice with sunshine. Temperatures at the time of this post were sitting at 11.9 C | 53.42 F Should be a great day for doing about anything. Bush flowers are all out in bloom as well with a few coming up in my gardens around the house here. Makes it nice. Today my lovely wife and I will work away on piling our wood for winter under the lean too to dry. But it is wet out there let, me tell you. Grass is growing leaps and bounds also so that will need attending in a day or so too. Lots to do but being outside makes it nice. Black flies are still with us in full force, so will have to deal with them. With that I am off for a cup of tea for a change. Then a bite to eat and see what the day has in store for us. Nice to see the sunshine!! GW

Can’t forget the cookies.

Good Morning Port Loring

Another rainy day waking up. Looks like it is an all day event. But Sunday and Monday is looking good. Black Flies are out in full force. We started to pile our firewood getting it out of the weather so it can dry over summer. The old body is feeling it this morning. But we did get almost half of it finished. Today with the rain we will be taking it a bit easy, which is okay with me. Temperatures were sitting at 12.7 C | 54.86 F So with that I am off for my morning coffee. GW

Good Morning

Cloudy morning here in Port Loring Ontario Canada. Temperatures were sitting at 12.1 C | 53.78 F Clouds should break and let some sunshine through later on. I hope so. We have had enough of the cold and wet. It’s starting to take a toll on the old bones. Might have to move to Arizona. LOL Highway 52 is good throughout so travelling will be good for those wanting to head off to town. My wife and I have gotten our small gift shop ready to open so one more thing off the list of things to do. I now have to focus on piling firewood. It needs to be put where the sun and wind can dry it over summer. That is if we ever get rid of this rainy weather. Today we will have sunshine but then back to rain for Saturday. The long range this year doesn’t look as hot as it was last year. But you never know. Nature does what it wants, not what we want. We can predict things but in reality what is happening here on earth has happened before and will happen again years down the road. With that I am off for some pancakes and a coffee. GW

Good Morning

Rainy day here in Port Loring. Rained through the night and will continue this morning, but we should see some sunshine later on. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 10.8 C | 51.44 F Not to bad. On another note I did get the grass cut yesterday which sure made things nice. Nothing like the first cutting. I especially enjoy the smell the fresh cut grass gives off. I did manage to bag a bunch which I spread on my vegetable garden. Once the soil drys a bit more I will till it in. The green grass cuttings work a lot better than chemical fertilizer and along with that it gives the vegetables a great taste. Which is what is missing today in store bought produce. The black flies are out in full force too and for a while there we had to put a net over our face o keep them from biting. With that I am off for my morning coffee and will see what the day has in store for us. Thinking some shop work this morning since it is raining.

Dandelion Coffee

It’s that time of year. The dandelions are out in full force. If you’re wanting a super healthy drink that tastes like coffee without the acid. Then this is for you.
Dandelion Roots

Scrub roots, drain, and place on a baking sheet.
Roast at 200 °F (93.33 degree Celsius) until roots are dark and dry (about 4 hours).

Cool and grind roots with a coffee grinder. Store in covered jar until used.

Add 1 heaping teaspoon of roasted roots to 1 cup of water. Steep for 3 minutes. Strain and serve. Add cream and/or sugar to taste.
Pretty tasty let me tell you.