Good Morning Port Loring

Really nice morning with lots of sunshine. Makes a fellow want to get out of bed. Highway 522 is bare and dry throughout. Grass is green and looking good. Trees are starting to come out in bud and I suspect leaves won’t be far off. Nice to watch every spring. Temperatures were sitting at 5 C | 41 F Great day to be doing anything outside. I am going to see if my mowers and things survived the winter. Getting them running can be a chore when starting them for the first time. Then if things work to plan I might roll my lawn, I have one that you toe behind the mower. Home made one. Doesn’t look the greatest but does the job LOL. Then I am thinking after lunch will do some front porch sitting with my lovely wife. Maybe even a cool one, just because I can. With that I am off for my morning coffee and will get into things. GW

Most important meal of the day!

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