Gas Prices in NOrth Bay Ontario

Outrageous gas prices.

125.7 Duchesnay Store 40 Goulais Cr North Bay
128.7 Chester’s Gas Bar 35 Beaucage Park Rd North Bay
128.7 Eagle’s Nest 2 Migizii Miikan North Bay
130.9 Necessities 10A Couchie Industrial Rd North Bay
138.3 MacEwen 1375 Seymour St North Bay
138.3 Mr Gas 2660 Trout Lake Rd North Bay
138.3 Mr Gas 2701 Hwy 11 N North Bay
138.4 Spyke’s Gas Bar 3790 Trout Lake Rd North Bay
138.6 Shell 2606 Trout Lake Rd North Bay
138.6 Esso 617 Main St E North Bay

Good Morning Port Loring

Sunny morning at the time of this post. But clouds seem to be moving in. Cool though with temperatures sitting at 2 C | 35.6 F Highway 522 is bare and dry and travelling should be great. Today we should see plenty of sunshine but cool. Tomorrow will be the same but then more rain and colder temperatures for Thursday and Friday. Then nicer weather for the weekend. I hope it warms up some. I would have liked to till up my veggie garden but its been so wet and cold no use doing it. Last year at this time looking at my notes I had my gardens tilled up and the first of next week I planted all my vegetables. First time in 15 years that I beat the black-flies. I don’t see that happening this year. So much for global warming. Of course they will tell you this is the reason for this not so good weather we are having now. You can’t win with these so called specialists. My view on the subject of global warming, it is as it’s suppose to be and has been for millions of years. It’s the trend of what is to be and has been and nothing we are doing like taxing folks to death at the gas pumps and other places is going to make it any better. So with that I am off to have my morning coffee and will see what the day has in store. Maybe I will get my lean-too fixed up a bit as my yearly firewood should be coming soon. That’s where I pile it out of the weather. GW