Good Morning

Another beautiful sunny day here in Port Loring. Temperatures were sitting at 15.8 C | 60.44 F. It will warm up even more as the day progresses. Great day to do some travelling if your in need of some things. Myself I am going to do some work around the house here and take in this beautiful weather. Black flies and Mosquitoes are still with us in full force. Almost impossible to get away from them. Yesterday we took a day trip to Coldwater Ontario to see a friend of ours and my old homestead. We had a great visit and got caught up with things. I sometimes think we humans don’t visit enough with our very good friends which in turn isn’t a good thing. One just never knows these days. It was a great day, sunny, warm, car run great and seen some new things. Gas prices down there are a lot cheaper than up here, we filled up at the Shell Station there in town for 1.13 a litre. Some places along Highway 69 were charging 1.46 and some even more. Gouging the traveller for sure. No reason for it. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and a bite to eat. GW

Have a great day!

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