New Podcast Announcement for George Walters

I would like to let you all know of a new Chapter in my life, George Walters.
I have written and published many books about Truth, Fact, Fiction, History, Fantasy, Self Help, Health, Comedy, and the list goes on and on. But it seemed, that something was missing.
So … over the past couple years with the help of my family and others, we have put together an Audio Podcast show. It will cover different aspects of all my stories that I have written over the years.
As being the author myself, I will now be able to tell the story as I wrote them, bringing out the true feelings and purpose, that I want the story to portray
I will also be doing a Podcast on different topics occasionally, and along with that, maybe a guest from time to time … which I think will keep things interesting.

The Podcast is called … Just One More Story by George Walters. All my Podcasts as they are produced can now be found on:

Google Play Music:
Google Home: Just Say, Hey Google! … Play Just One More Story by George Walters.

And More will be added as time goes by.

  It has been a long journey preparing the show with challenges popping up daily. But with the help of my sons Karl and Craig, along with my lovely wife Ruth, using their expertise, it is now reality. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible.
With that, I hope you all Enjoy ... Just One More Story, with me, George Walters.

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