Morning Report Feb 29/2020

Good morning. Well it’s not too bad of a morning other than being a touch cool, with temperatures sitting at -15.9 C | 3.38 F. But for us heat really isn’t an issue with us using the wood furnace. But in saying that wood heat does have its drawbacks as we all know. I actually don’t know how much longer I will be using it to heat with. I am slowly edging my way towards other avenues so to speak. We will see how it goes. Highway 522 is partially covered this morning with some icy sections throughout. But that is understandable, with all the snow we had the last two days. But it won’t last long, as temperatures will rise after tomorrow above the melting point. We didn’t have any more snow overnight. On another note my wife and I did manage to clean out our driveway yesterday. Seems every year things are getting a touch harder to do. But we both are getting up there in years. The main thing is, we have to learn our limits of what we can and cannot do. That’s where things gets interesting ha ha. Anyways, life is good for most parts, so not complaining. Have a great day. GW

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