Morning Report April 29/2020

Cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Temperatures were sitting at 8.4 C | 47.12 F. It will warm up as the day moves forward. There is a heavy rain warning up for our area for today and into tomorrow. We could see 25 to 50 mm by the end of the day. So by the looks of things it isn’t going to be a great day to be outside. I suspect we will have two days of rain before we see some sunshine again. Highway 522 is bare and dry as of now, but that will change shortly. Winds are also picking up a wee bit. On another note I did manage to get some more of my gardens tilled up yesterday so they can dry, but with this weather that is coming in it will take some more drying when all said and done. Today I will take things a bit easy. With that I am off for my morning cup of tea with my lovely wife, and will let the day unfold around me. Take care and stay safe. GW

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