Morning Report June 13/2020

Good Morning! Waking up here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada the sun has made an appearance, and if things goes to plan it should remain with us for most of the day and all next week. Over night we did have a wee bit of frost. Thinking we might be going to have some along with my son Karl mentioning it to me on the phone last night, I covered my plants in my vegetable gardens. I am glad I did. Takes a bit of work, but it’s better than loosing everything. Tonight there is a possible chance of some more frost so I am thinking I will cover it one more time just in case. I have to admit in all the 17 Years I have lived where we are now, this is the weirdest spring of them all. But it is to be expected with the earth healing herself. Which is a good thing. That is one good thing that is coming out of this virus. Will people realize this and do more to protect our environment? Not likely. Heck … there are a lot of them out there that won’t protect themselves … or others. And it isn’t just some of the young that are doing this … it is a lot of the older folks too. Being a Senior I have to say that I am ashamed of some of our seniors these days. As they should know better. On another note my wife and I did get our grass cut yesterday, so our property is looking good. The black-flies weren’t all that bad … I never seen hardly a one. The mosquitoes were not so bad either which was nice. They were out there last night though … when I was covering my plants before going to bed. Today I will take it a bit easy, maybe work on another Podcast for next Friday, and if things warm up my wife and I will do some front porch sitting. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will let the day unfold around me. Take care, stay safe and do ………. what’s right.

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