Brown Eyes

Episode 28: Brown Eyes. Here is another story that I wrote awhile back. Great story which I am sure you will enjoy.

Morning Report June 19/2020

Good Morning! Well it is looking like another really nice day shaping up for us here in Port, Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning once again without a cloud in the sky. Highway 522 is getting busy these days with more folks coming into our area daily. The only thing wit that is that most aren’t wearing a mask or social distancing. Amazing to say the least. The thing I keep on telling folks is that the virus is still there and just as dangerous as it was when it started. The only reason the numbers are down is because of the precautions we were doing. For us here in Port Loring it is because we live so far off the beaten track and not many folks are here. But that could change at any given moment. But not much a few people can do about it, other than protect yourselves from those that don’t give a dam. So there you have it my rant for a Friday morning LOL. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and then will do some mowing before it gets to hot … which it is going to do later on. Take care, stay safe and do what is right. GW

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