Morning Report June 23/2020

Hi Folks. It’s showery cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We should see some showers off and on for most of the day. We could see a bit of a thunderstorm too if it tracks in our direction. At the moment we are having some light rain. We need it though as things are quite dry. My vegetable gardens are in need of a good drink. You can water as much as you like, but nothing is as good as Mother Nature. Temperatures waking up have cooled down with it sitting at 19.1 C | 66.38 F. Which is okay with me as I don’t like the real hot temperatures. The mid 70s is fine with me. The black-flies are pretty well all gone now but the mosquitoes are still with us, and will remain with us in part for most of the summer … along with the horse flies and deer flies. I have to admit them deer flies and horse flies can be annoying too. If they find you they don’t leave you alone. Highway 522 is quiet this morning which is a good thing. But I suspect it will pick up once the rain eases off and we near the weekend. With that I am off once again for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and will then see what I can get myself into. I do have another Podcast in the works, so maybe I will finish that up for Friday. Take care, stay safe, social distance, do what’s right and stay out of stores if you don’t need to be in them. GW

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