What Could Happen In Canada

This kind of shows you, what could … and will happen with the opening of stores and things to early here in Canada. All the red is new cases. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this virus, is still with us stronger than ever. Oh I know, some will say … that is in the USA. Yep it is … but it is here too, and so far we have been lucky with most doing what is right. But the way some people are going now, especially with all these crazy protests and things, we could be in for some real trouble. You can protest all you want, not that it is going to do any good, but this isn’t the time. We just need to do what is right and hang in there for a bit longer, as our scientists are getting closer to some pretty amazing treatments. But if we don’t do what is right we could mess things up big time. My Opinion Only.

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