Morning Report Sep 14/2020

Good Morning! Well … we are finally getting a wee bit of sunshine here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. It will cloud up for tomorrow with a slight chance of a shower late tomorrow night and into Wednesday. So it might be a good idea of taking advantage of what we have today. Yesterday I managed to finish putting in our winter wood. It took me two days this year. Makes me feel good knowing, no matter what we will be warm this winter. The best move I made moving to this neck of the woods was installing a new wood furnace that works alongside my oil furnace. Today if my friend Kerry has time to do an oil change on my car, I will take it to him. If not I will work away in my shop on a small kitchen table I am making for our new Cottage to be. I did glue up the top a couple of days ago but got distracted with the firewood. This time of year I do things in sequence, as they are needed. Highway 522 was quiet over the weekend but it will probably pick up as the day moves forward. With that take care of yourselves.

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