Morning Slice of life Oct 3/2020

Good Morning! It’s a pretty nice morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Temperatures were sitting at 4.2 C | 39.56 F. It will warm up as the day moves forward. I am thinking it will remain mostly cloudy, but we could see some clearing and if lucky some sunshine later on. Highway 522 is slowing down a lot these days, which in my mind is a good thing. Especially with the amount of people getting infected with this virus. I would say that the figures are way low to what they really are. I wouldn’t hesitate to say, they would be about double of what we are hearing, and will continue to rise if folks don’t start to take things serious. I can’t see where some people’s logic is these days. If we don’t put things in motion to slow it down, we will lose control of the situation, if we haven’t already. My son living in North Bay told me yesterday he was happy to see some students, now starting to wear a mask while congregating outside the schools and parking lots around town. That to me is a good thing. Now we need to get our older folks and mid range to start doing their part. When my wife and I were in town we seen restaurants full, with no one wearing a mask, or for that matter taking any precautions what’s so ever. They are the ones that is causing a lot of our problem. If asked I would say stay home. Make your own coffee, its better anyways, or get take out, and eat or drink it in your car, outside or take it home and relax with a good movie. Stay out of churches too. They are about the worst places you can be in. Talk to family members on the phone instead of visiting them in person. I can’t see why so many folks are so blind to what is truly real in life. Makes me laugh, as some of these people say they base their life around science. And then they head on off to church or a restaurant for lunch or dinner. Bottom line is, the only way we can control this virus and make things tolerable is if we start doing what is right and take the blinders off. Our health officials are good in part here in Canada, but we as an individual have to do our part. I would also say if asked that folks needs to take the blinders of with a lot of things. What a lot have believed in for most their life, in reality isn’t real at all. Anyways … that’s my opinion on things at hand this morning. LOL. Take care, and stay safe.

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