Morning Slice of life Oct 24/2020

Good Morning! It’s a cool morning here in Port Loring Ontario, Canada. Temperatures were sitting at -0.1 C | 31.82 F. Along with the cooler temperatures we are having our first bit of snow. Just light flurries, but still … it is a sign of what’s to come in the near future. Highway 522 is busy this morning with locals and a few hunters heading over for breakfast. For myself and my wife, we stay out of places like that, at least for now with this virus going around. Which is getting a lot worse. And besides that … there is enough gossip that goes around small towns, without me adding to it. LOL On another note, my vegetable garden is finished now for another year. I did have 4 nice tomatoes left hanging on one vine that wanted to grow. They started showing colour a couple of days ago, so I picked them and got them sitting in the window to ripen. As I said before, I am sure going to miss them toasted tomato sandwiches. Yesterday I moved some things around in the basement for a new freezer we bought. We do have one, but we thought a second small one would be great for meals that my wife is going to make. That way come meal time, she just takes one out and warms it up. Great idea I thought, as that way she has more time to do her painting this winter. If there is a will there is a way they say. She also says it is a way of making use of all the left overs. Freezers are getting hard to find these days with the virus in our midst, but they are out there if you search hard enough. I found ours at Best Buy. They even delivered it right to our door, free of charge. Especially with us living out in the sticks so far. Can’t beat that. Lately we have been buying a lot online. Reason being it saves us going into stores or driving. I kind of like it, as most things are delivered for free these days. But as I always say … TO EACH THEIR OWN. LOL Today I will be working here in the house, as my lovely wife has some things on the go she needs help with. After that, we will take things easy a bit and give our boys a call and see how they are making out. We do that every other day or so. With that, I am off for some oatmeal or Porridge as I like to call it and a cup of fresh ground perked coffee with my lovely wife. I am not sure if you know this? … But Porridge is one of the best foods you can eat for your heart, along with lowering and keeping your blood pressure stable. Eat a bowl of that every day and no medicine is needed. At least for most folks. Take care, stay safe and as I always say … do what’s right when it comes to this virus. Just because some don’t give a DAM! Doesn’t mean you need to follow in their footsteps! GW

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