Morning Chat Nov 12/2020

So how you all doing this morning? All good I hope. Ruth and I are fine other than a couple sore backs. But we are slowly on the mend. Waking up here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada the sun is shinning. The temperature has cooled down some sitting at 0.9 C | 33.62 F. It will warm up a wee bit as the day moves forward. But even though it is cool, we will see a lot of sunshine for most the day. Highway 522 is bare and dry throughout. Traffic is slow with most folks out in the bush trying to get that trophy buck, which will give them some nice eating this winter. As I say I don’t hunt anymore. I kind of figure I will leave that to the younger folks. My warm home is more enticing these days. LOL Yesterday I did finish up some more things outside, in spite of the high winds we had. I made a dump run, washed the car and put some more things a way that needed to be put out of the weather. So now we should be all set for what Mother Nature has to offer. This morning I will help my wife make some oven bread and then settle in for the Masters Golf Game for 2020 in Augusta Georgia. Usually it is in the spring but with this virus they delayed it till now. So for the next four days my wife and I will be enjoying it. I paid a wee bit more this year on my Shaw bill, so we can watch all four days on TSN. Should be a great 4 days. It’s the only golf I watch. We especially like the course with all the trees, flowers and things. At the moment though it is on hold, as they are having some rain along with some thunderstorms moving through the area. But they are saying the golfers should be back playing in a half hour or so. With that, I am off for some pancakes with a fresh pear caramel sauce that my lovely wife is making. We picked up some Bartlett Pears last time in town. Should be tasty. She is one good cook. Take care and stay safe. Things aren’t good out there these days. GW

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