Morning Chat Dec 30/2020

Good Morning. It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Temperatures getting out of bed were sitting at -4.6 C | 23.72 F. We could see another 4 inches of snow today as the day progresses. Just what we need. LOL. We did have another 8 inches or so the day before yesterday. So we are climbing the chart for snow in our area. The temperature won’t rise much more than it is today. Highway 522 is snow covered with a lot of icy sections throughout. So if out and about care should be taken. But you all know that … right? On another note my wife and I went to North Bay yesterday to pick up our groceries. We pick up our groceries without going in the store itself, as we order what we want online. Works great and makes life a lot simple, without taking the chance in catching this virus. We then visited our son at his apartment, in his parking lot, dropped off a few things that his mother made for him, chatted a bit and then headed on home, having our lunch along the way with a cup of coffee. We also chatted most on the way home on the phone to him too. I think since this virus came we have chatted more to our boys than ever before. The weather was great too with lots of sunshine, and it sure was a beautiful sight with all the snow on the trees. We just took our time and enjoyed it. I figured it was going to snow again today, so that is why we decided on yesterday. Another great thing was we gave them new snow tires that our friend Kerry got for us and installed. You know … I worked for Uniroyal Tire Centres, as Service Manager back in the day for a while and I always swore how good their tires were. But these one we have now are just as good if not better. Hmm, at least something has improved with time. LOL Today I will work away here on another podcast, that I have been putting together. With that take care and stay safe. This virus is really spreading fast now with everyone shopping at Christmas. No one to blame but ourselves.

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