Canada Day

Shame on Canada’: Thousands attend Cancel Canada Day rally on Parliament Hill.

Here again I just can’t pass this by without giving my opinion. The thing is. Yes, it was a great wrong that was done years ago, relating to a lot of things. Not with just the children. But in saying that, it is no reason in my eyes to stop a day of celebration like Canada Day. Heck, there are a lot of things we have to celebrate, which has nothing to do with the past. I believe, that the past should be left in the past. Learn from it and move on. My wife and I enjoyed our day, our home, and family, along with all we have accomplished over the years here in Canada. And, with all that we have been through for the past two years with this virus, Canada Day celebrations looks mighty damn good to me. But hey! That’s me, you do what you want. All these demonstrations isn’t going to make one I OTA of a difference. Not for me, anyway. GW

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  1. Hello George, you are so right. I couldn’t say it any better. It is very sad for sure. I remember my mom told me when she was bad, she would have to kneel on bottle caps and say a prayer, if she did it quick she would have to say it over again. Very sad in those days for sure. Things are different now, thank goodness. Nancy

    1. HI Nancy, yep it is certainly a mixed up crazy world we live in at the moment. And your right about what took place years ago. Numerous things have happened to me and my wife years ago. But we don’t let them get in the way today. They are in the past, and as far as I am concerned that’s where they should stay. Dwelling on them and things isn’t going to fix what is done. The old saying is … learn from your mistakes and move on. I guess my wife and I are lucky that way, as we don’t let it bother us. Take care, Nancy, and thanks for sharing your feelings. GW

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