All the huff about Fossil Fuel

The first question I would ask. “Is what are we going to replace fossil fuel with?”
That is the question everyone should be asking.
Our powers that be says, they will replace it with Electric Heating.
First off, in theory, I would agree that is a fantastic idea. But in reality, it isn’t possible right now, as there is no way anyone can afford to heat their homes with electricity. Or if everyone switched over, do we have the means to do so. And we won’t have the means to do so for years to come. That also goes for all these so-called new electric cars they are building these days. Good luck in finding the electricity to run them. And here again, no one will be able to afford to keep them running.

The thing is. It is easy enough to talk the part, like some are doing, but making it work is a whole different story.
What they should be doing is funding some of these great minds that we have here in Canada. Saying. “Here is some money, figure out how we can make this clean energy that we will be needing. Where would they get this money? Simple, stop giving it away to other countries, along with these huge corporations. They will make out just fine, without it. Hell, some of these salaries, that these huge corporations are handing out, are ridiculous amounts.

You know, if we did just that, we would have enough money to take care of thousands of neglected things here at home.
As I said, we have some great minds in our country, all’s they require, is a bit of help to make things happen.

The bottom line is. We have to become self efficient here in Canada, and stop relying on others … but more importantly, start using some common sense. Damn it!!

Oh, and one more thing. We here in Canada have more fossil fuels than most other countries just waiting to be tapped into. Why not find a way, so we can use them safely, without hurting our environment. It can be done, we just need to figure out how.

There is no such thing is can’t be done! Not in today’s world.

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