Oil Prices and Other Things

So the oil for our furnace came today. I like to top it up for the summer, so we are ready for winter. That was a shock as it cost us $900.00 for a little over a quarter tank. I told him to stop at 900.00. The thing is, there is no reason we the working man should have to pay such ridiculous prices. We are one of the riches countries in the world with Natural Resources, and our Powers that Be are doing everything in their power to bring hardships to us. With taxes of all kinds. They have taken all our rights away, and now they are working on taking our lifestyles away too.

The next thing is, they are bringing in all these immigrants. Where are they going to stay? Where are they going to work? Well, I will tell you. We the working man has to foot the bill once again. I suspect a lot of them don’t have any heating bills, or food bills or medical bills. Our governments are paying it for them. They say they aren’t, but I don’t believe that for one second. I am not saying all of them are a problem, don’t take me the wrong way. A lot of them are very hardworking people. When they can find jobs. But I think a lot of people knows what I am talking about.

Simply put, we can’t keep on taking in immigrants. We don’t have the funds to do so or the places for them to stay. Oh! That is another thing the government says they will build more homes for them to live in. That’s another laugh, as who is going to pay for these houses.

And the prices of lumber and material. Well, I won’t get into that today, I am upset enough for one day. Think I will go have a drink or two and do some front porch sitting … on a porch that my lovely wife and I worked our whole life for. Over 70 years, with tons of hardships thrown in for good measure. In other words, we deserve what we have today… It wasn’t given to us. We never took one red cent of government money in our whole life, not like some I know. And don’t get me going on some that are on disabilities. Now, I said some, not all.

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