What’s Happening In & Around Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Dec 24/2022

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Good Morning and Merry Christmas!!

It is getting close now when that chubby feller comes down the chimney, that’s for sure. And I suspect there are a lot of folks that can’t wait, hoping that Santa got their wish list. For my wife and I being the age we are, we don’t give gifts all that much anymore. Our gift is being with each other and being healthy.

On another note, we did have some snow yesterday and through the night. I would say another 4 inches or so, and it is coming down lightly at the moment. We sure didn’t get any storm of the century like they were calling for, or did anyone else in Ontario really, other than Fort Erie got a few more inches. But in saying that, it doesn’t take much snow to complicate things in and around Toronto these days, with folks going so fast and having no snow tires, along with not knowing how to drive. Especially with a lot of the truckers that are out there today. In all my days, I have never seen so many accidents involving trucks. I would think it should be putting up some red flags.

For us here in Port Loring it’s a normal occurrence at this time of year. We don’t even consider it a storm until we reach a foot or so. And even then, I have never seen anyone complain. Other than when the power goes out maybe. But I think that will change a wee bit now, with a lot of new people moving into our area, not being used to the cold and snow. Sign of the times, for sure. When we moved here 20 years ago, we could sit out on the highway, and you wouldn’t see a car or truck for a half hour or so. Maybe a snowmobile or 4×4 would pass you by, looking at you kind of funny. Ha Ha

Highway 522 is snow covered for most parts this morning, but the plow has been going up and down the highway all night long keeping it cleaned. For my wife and I we don’t have to go any place in particular for the next few days, so we will be staying home. My lovely wife is thawing out a turkey that we bought awhile back, and she is going to cook it either tomorrow or Monday. They take a few days to thaw out in the fridge. It should be tasty when all said and done. Looking forward to it. We don’t have it all that often, as they are expensive these days. But Christmas is special to us, so we splurge a wee bit. And on top of that she will make up a few meals and when we go to North Bay, we will drop them off at our Son’s place for him to enjoy, since we can’t be together this year. None will go to waste, that’s for sure.

Yesterday I stayed inside, worked away a bit here on my Lap Top, and laid down off and on throughout the day, as I am still not feeling all that well. At any rate, I am still moving around, which is a good thing.

With that, you all take care, and my wife and I both would like to wish you all … a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!! GW

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