What’s Happening In & Around Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Jan 12/2023

Good Morning!

Well … it is a cloudy morning here, waking up. And we did have around 3 inches of new snow overnight. And it is still coming down. It is also quite cold outside, with the temperature sitting at -1.9 C | 28.58 F. The snow will continue on through the day and possibly into tonight until is eases off. Highway 522 is snow covered, which won’t make travelling all that good. I would suggest anyone heading into North Bay or ?? to wait for a better day. Unless you have to go.

On another note, my lovely wife and I did make the trip to North Bay yesterday, as we had our car booked in with Ford for some repairs that they can only do. Got there around 9:30 AM and sat in the waiting room till around 11:30 AM. Not that we wanted to, but the car needed to be fixed. Runs a lot better now. It was a fuel solenoid that went on the Fritz. The part only costs a touch over $100.00. But the labour is what hurt, and the diagnostic to find it is what cost the most. It was located in a hard-to-reach area up on top of the gas tank. So I suppose that would be a real job replacing it. Another not so good thing about it was, when the engine light comes on the remote-start won’t work, and at this time of year we really like it. As we can just stand inside our house and start it up and then after a few minutes when we are ready to go, the car is all nice and cozy so to speak. Ha ha. Something to be said for this high-tech technology we have today. But … you pay for it, that’s for sure in more ways than one. Like repairs after the fact.

Anyway we got that looked after, filled up our car with gas as the price was down a wee bit, with it sitting at $1.41 a litre or $5.64 a Gallon. You know, if the truth was told you would find out that the only reason the powers that be brought this metric into effect here in Canada, was to fool the people. Just take gas … what sounds better $1.41 or $5.64. Kind of ironic how the minds of some humans can be swayed. It’s not only done with gas though.

Anyway, after we filled up with the gas we decided to run our car through the car wash. Oh, I didn’t know that if you had a CAA card, and you showed it to them at the Shell station, when you got gas you got two cents off a litter. Helps a bit, but not much. You also can get a few points on your Air Miles card that only a select few accept nowadays. That is kind of a joke. And if you fill your car up, the car wash, you get two dollars off that. Anyway, after putting in $36.00 worth of gas, paying for the car wash and getting all our discounts Ha ha it still cost us a grand total of $53.00. My first car I bought back in the 60s only cost me $75.00.

After that we went and picked up some groceries which wasn’t cheap neither, had lunch in our car and headed on home. It was a great day other than all the money we had to lay out.

Today being so snowy outside, I will stay inside and work on some podcasts I have in mind. And along with that, my wife and I need a rest after yesterday.

Take care, there are a lot of people out there honkin’ and a sniffin’ these days.

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well.

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