What’s Happening In & Around Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Jan 17/2023

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Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy, gloomy morning waking up. We did have some light freezing rain through the night, which covered Highway 522. Travelling won’t be all that good today, that’s for sure. We could also see some more freezing rain as the day progresses. Then back to sunshine tomorrow before we get some more snow on Thursday. So … once again, a mixed bag of weather. Days like this are when folks use more hydro, as being so gloomy and dark it’s human instinct to turn on the lights a bit more than they usually do.

On another note, yesterday I worked steadily on my podcasts along with a few other things related. It would be nice if I could get all my stories made into podcasts. It would probably take me three years or more, being that I have over 2000 stories. Not likely, but it would be nice. What a legacy that would be … to leave behind. Haha. As it is, at the end of the day, my mind has about had it. I can see now how these folks that have to sit in front of a computer screen, day in, and day out at work feels. Although I have been doing it now for years, just … I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to. Happy about that.

With that I am off for a bowl of cereal this morning that my lovely wife is preparing for me and will then see the day has in store. All good, I hope.

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well!

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