What’s Happening On March 11/2023

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Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy, cool morning, waking up here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The temperature was sitting at -10.1 C | 13.82 F. It will warm up a touch as the day moves forward. And we should see a wee bit of sunshine as the day progresses, which would be nice. Highway 522 is bare this morning, which will make travelling pretty good.

Nonetheless, one should use caution since there are quite a few deer in the area.
We were driving to town yesterday, when a couple ran across the road in front of us.
If you see one, chances are there is more behind it. We are also having a few light flurries this morning, but it won’t amount to much.

Other than that, not much going on in and around our small town.

Breakfast, that my lovely wife is preparing for me, consists of; Pancakes with Maple Syrup with an Egg on top. Just because we can. Stay safe. GW

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