What’s Happening On April 17/2023

Morning Chores are awaiting!

Good Morning!

It’s a cool morning here waking up, the temperature has cooled down a lot with it setting at 5.4 C | 41.72 F. It will warm up some as the day moves forward but not all that much; and it will remain cool now for the next week or so. Which in some ways is good, as it makes things nicer when doing some of the strenuous chores that are waiting to be done. But before my lovely wife and I get into doing them, we are going to take a couple of days off, giving our bodies a bit of a rest. Yesterday we finished up with most of the raking and moving of plants along with the trimming of trees that we wanted to do. It sure looks nice around our home now, and the grass turning greener every hour is making it look that much nicer.

The next project will probably be moving and piling next year’s firewood. We will have around 20 cords to put to bed for the summer. So that will be a chore in itself. It’s a lot of work, but it is nice to have, especially with the price of oil, fuel and propane these days. I’ve always made it a priority to provide my family with a warm bed to sleep in, food in the cupboard, and a roof over their heads. They never went to bed cold, hungry, or feeling insecure.

With that, I am off for a bowl of shredded-wheat, and I am thinking I will do a bit more work on my novel I have in the works. Since it is a touch cool outside along with some rain in the forecast.

Have a great day and stay safe, there is still a lot of sickness in our midst. GW

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