What’s Happening In Cottage Country On May 25/2023

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Well, starting things off, I hope everyone covered their plants before going to bed last night, as it did get down to where we had another frost. The temperature waking up was sitting at 0.6 C | 33.08 F. And it should also be noted that tonight it will become cold once again and another frost is likely. Looking at things, I would say our summer will be near normal for our area. We will see a few hot days, but for most parts, it looks like a real nice summer is shaping up for us here in Cottage country. At least that is what I get from looking at nature. So we will see how that pans out.

Bug Report: Yesterday turned out to be a real nice day, warming up in the afternoon. Being a bit cool, the Black Flies were kept at bay along with the Mosquitoes. Them blood sucking parasites. Some say every thing has a purpose in our old world, but in my mind, I kind of think, we could do without a few of them. But then again, the birds, bats and others feast off of them. And as hard as it is to believe, some plants rely on them for pollination. At any rate, what will be, will be.

On another note, yesterday, my lovely wife managed to get our grass cut. I hobbled out to my old Roper Riding Mower and managed to cut the front, but I was all in after that, and was ready to get to my lazy boy chair. Today I will take it a bit easy. I think, or hope, so. However, we are having a new roof being installed on our home today, I think, so that should be interesting. Long time coming, as with today’s prices, it took us awhile to save up. Some say, “George, why not just finance it?” Well, all my life, I never bought anything that we couldn’t pay for. If we didn’t have the money to pay for it outright, it didn’t get bought. We did without. And I am not about to change, or get dictated on what to do now.

It might be a bit cool up on the roof, and the old shingles at the moment are covered with frost. But it will be short-lived once the sunshine hits them.

With that, I am off for a pancake or two that my lovely wife is making for us with a touch of Mike Clappertons’ world renown Maple Syrup, and will then see what the day, and my body has in store. I am determined not to let it get the best of me. For every aliment there is a reason and my wife and I along with some very good friends are working on it.

Have a great day, and soak up some of that sunshine, as there is nothing better than Vitamin D3 to keep you healthy, strong and wanting to move ahead in life. GW

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